amazing and powerful curves

There is no correct size or weight to look enigmatic. If you are curvy or extra cute, dressing well does not have to be a difficulty, on the contrary, we will teach you tips with which you will make an incredible look that will help you get your best version. Remember that there are details that we must pay close attention to and that will make a difference in your outfit. Ready?

We offer you a series of tips that we hope you put into practice:

  • Wearing clothes in your size, wearing smaller clothes will not make you look thinner, shortens your height, and shows skin unnecessarily. Also avoid buying something with the idea that you will lose weight later, preferably buy something in your size and if you lose weight later you can take it to the tailor to fit it to your figure or better yet you can renew your wardrobe.
  • Avoid clothing that is too tight, these highlight your rolls and even bring out new ones, avoid lycra-type fabrics or very rigid leather-type fabrics. Ideally, if you are going to opt for a flexible garment, it is best to give the body freedom while controlling the shape .
  • No, to very baggy clothes, extremes are never good and wearing very wide clothes is not the solution either. You don't have to cover yourself up, remember that the ideal is for the garment to highlight your silhouette, not hide it!
  • Say yes to colors! Forget the false myth that chubby people cannot wear color or that black will make you look thinner, what really is to highlight your attributes and this is something that is achieved by using the clothes wisely. Dare to use all the colors that the world offers us.
  • If we talk about necklines, the V neckline is definitely your best friend, of course you can wear a square neckline, our recommendation is that if you have a short neck or a very pronounced chin, avoid turtlenecks.
  • Regardless of your size, say yes to prints, just make sure you maintain a balance throughout your outfit.
  • Avoid shoes with very thin heels or straps, remember that these can hurt you if you have very thick feet or ankles, they can also make your feet look very bad. Even if you are a fan of boots, make sure that they are not so tight.

We hope these tips have helped you and from now on you can better plan your outfits.



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