Get to know Italian Fashion!

Today Enigmática brings you this new trend, which came to Chile to stay and take over your closet, where you will make a difference in your group of friends...

in italian fashion They adore the strange and avoid, against all odds, the simple.
The main idea of ​​Italian fashion is to overlap and dare changes and combinations out of reach, from a T-shirt with combinations of different textures, to extravagant necklaces and bracelets, where generally in each garment an attempt is made to highlight the subtlety of the fabric and the details in its cuts.

With this fashion you will be an expert in joining »layers» more than you can imagine; if you stayed in the time of the T-shirt + simple jeans, or a simple dress , it is time to lose fear, to create layers, to master the combinations that still escape our understanding;

Letters, prints and bright colors are the main denominator of Italian fashion, from a unique phrase to a subtle animal embroidery, a beautiful dream catcher and the most viewed metallic stars, is what we will find through this new fashion, important are also super fans of the silhouette oversized be it in a shirt, jeans or combined in their layers.

DARE is the most important thing, a good combination of accessories is the only key in this style, the use of big earrings , a hair with very carefree hairstyle , very expressive eye makeup and a good eyeliner in the best style bohemian , with the union of different necklaces and bracelets at the same time they will give you a touch unique .

As always, Enigmática brings the best for you, where you will make a difference and you will be able to create the best outfits, because your style is important to us.

So come and let's create a unique Italian style together!



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